Monday, 9 January 2012

I got a proper camera for Christmas, and i have become just a wee bit camera happy, However, i wanted to share some of my favourite photographs from over this festive season. All in all, i had a marvelous Christmas Holidays (despite the lack of snow) and I hope everyone had similarly nice times. I apologise for the ridiculous length of the post, but i havent worked out how to do the 'more photos after the jump' thing that i have seen on some peoples blogs, if anyone could advise me in that, i would very much appreciate it!

On to the Photos!

My Friends and i went Ice Skating at Edinburgh Winter Festival

Me and Esther also went on the swings at Edinburgh

Sunrise over my Hometown, Alnwick

A funny mug my mum bought me for christmas :)

My Beautiful Dog! Indie.

Sunset over Alnmouth beach

At the top of a hill where a church used to stand.

My good friend Gandalf, together we vanquished the game.

My grandpas old camera, he used to be a photographer

Paper flowers, as you can see from two posts below, i have made alot of these recently

Rumbling Cairns Beach

And again.

Swans on the river...

Thats all for now folks
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