Thursday, 24 June 2010

Chemise Photos

Just a few quick photos from my first fitting of my Chemise de la reine. As it was made from one of my old patterns that i had made previously, with alterations obviously, it fit perfectly :) The photographs arent great as they were taken by my mum in her lunch break so it was all a bit rushed. Anyway, here you go.

To see larger images, you can click on the photos and see the full size.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

My Chemise de la reine

I have made some more progress on the two chemise dresses, I have sewn together the basic shape of my chemise de la reine. Unlike esthers, it has a straight front instead of a gathered front, but it has a gathered trim around the neck. Which i had at first thought i had made too long, but i have changed my mind and decided it is perfect. :) I am really happy with how it looks so far. Esthers dress is at a stage where i cant do anything more without fitting it to her, and as she doesnt finish her exams untill friday, it wont be before then. But i will make the sash for mine and add the sleeves tomorrow and then they are both very close to completion. Yay :)

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Esther Chemise de la reine

So i finished my A levels on wednesday (Yay!), and have finally been able to make some progress on the Chemise De la reine I am making for Esther and i have cut out the fabric for the Chemise i am making for myself.
Esthers Dress is made from really thin white fabric with tiny flowers on it, its lovely :) I think its coming out okay, although the gathering on the back is bit odd and needs some fxing. Basically the gathering around the entire neckline is a bit wierd and needs a bit of a rejig. But other than that, htink its coming along nicely. :)

PS, the photos of the sleepy hollw dress are still delayed because I have been revising non stop for the past two weeks and then i had a formal leavers dinner to get ready for yesterday time for dressing up. Excuses, excuses i know. But soon, i promise.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Ignore that last post
Next thing i am going to make are two chemise de la reines for me and my friend esther, because with revision and stuff i have decided i dont really have time to start a robe ala francais, so i am going to go for the simpler garment first and tackle the other dress in the summer when i have more time to take time over it :)
Also, i really love the chemise de la reines and just found the perfect fabric for esthers dress :)
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