Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lauras dress progress

Just a quick photocentric post, showing Lauras dress with sleeves and bow decoration.

All i have to do now is decide what kind of sleeve flounce i want to do, but after that its finished :) Yay.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Lauras dress

Just a quick update to show the progress on the 2nd of the three dresses, the one for my friend laura. Esthers dress is just about finished just needs a final fitting then hemmed, but photos ofthe finished dress wont be up untill i have finisshed all three.
Lauras dress has a chiffon underskirt and a flowered caraco type jacket. I havent added the sleeves yet and the stomacher is going to have a bit more decoration, but its just about finished.

The back, with en fourreau pleats and a short peplum skirt.

The from decoration so far, i think i am going to add a bow or something to the front. At the minute its not looking quite enough. To me anyway...

Monday, 20 June 2011

My stays

So i made these a year or so ago but i realised that i never actually posted any photos of them because at the time i didnt have aproper shift type thing to wear underneath it. Anyway, just took these quickly this afternoon so they really arent that great, but i thought i would still post them :)
Sorry they arent great quality...

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Progress on esthers dress.

Okay, so i am making some progress with the first dress of 3 for my friend esther.
I already posted a link to the photos of the stays that i made, esthers were the yellow ones, but heres another picture of them now shown on top of the simple shift that i made. The stays seem to be crinkling slightly at he front but that is just because of the dummy its on, which obviously is much more rigid and doesnt lace into the stays the way a normal human body wuld. Plus, this mannequin is the same size as me and esther is a fair bit smaller than me so her dress isnt going to fit as well as mine usually do, obviously.
Okay, so ater he underwear i started making the actual bodice, starting with the en fourreau back.

Heres a few photographsof the current progress;

Pinning down the pleats to make up the en Fourreau back.

The back pleats after being sewn down, not sure how clear they are but i think you get the idea...

This shows the ribbon being sewn down around te gathered sleeves to look like...

This... I think it looks okay, the ribbon looks a bit puckered though, but i thnk when theres actually an arm in te sleeve it might straighten out...

Around the necckline there is also a double gathered trim with a thin ribbon of the same colour sewn down along the edges.

Just a closer shot showng the gathered trim and the ribbon.

And finally a photo of the dress with the underskirt on my mannequin, as i said before esther is smaller than me and my mannequin so it doesnt fit properly at the front, but heres a side view aanyway...

Okay, well thats the progress so far, i am pretty happy with it so far i think :)
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