Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sleeping Beauty Making Progress

We have no completley finished the Design part of our second Project, so its onto the making. I have decided to make both Sleeping Beauty and the prince from this project, here are the designs for their costumes;
I have mainly been working on the skirts for Sleeping Beauty, which are made out of lace and embroidered tulle, which I have them distressed.

The top half of the dress is going to be digitally printed and embroidered with a design from a collaboration I am doing with an illustration student. As her illustration is not yet finished, I won't be able to proceed any further with that for now, but hopefully it should be done by the end of February and then I can print it and sew it all together.

I have got the Princes costume all toiled out and ready to make out of the real fabric once I have had a fitting with my model on Wednesday. This week I have been spending time down in the metal workshop of my college plasma cutting and welding to create the armour that is worn on his shoulder and wrists. I haven't worked with metal for the last two years ( we did quite a bit in second year) so I wasn't sure how easy it would be, but after a bit of help and re introduction to the machines by Mark the technician it actually wasn't as hard as I was expecting. 

The Gauntlets;

And the Shoulder Pauldrens;

Both still need a tidy up and a bit of a fix up here and there, but they are nearly finished I think. Pretty chuffed with them seen as I had never made anything like this before.

So that's my current progress with those two costumes, hopefully I will have more to show you all soon :)
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