Saturday, 15 September 2012

Finished all my projects just in time...

So i am slightly in disbelief that i actually managed to finish the Tangled Dress commission and made myself a medieval style dress. All in one week! Madness! When i say its a medieval style dress i use that term loosely, its just got the long panels with no waistline effect that medieval dresses have, its not particularly historically accurate. Just pretty :) Anyway, without further a do, here's a photograph of the finished Tangled dress,
And here are a few shots of the medieval-y style dress
For more pictures, go to my deviant art gallery here xxx

Friday, 7 September 2012

Tangled Commission

So i have been working on the 'Tangled' Dress the last few days and have got a fair bit done :) Excuse the crappy Dummy that its on, shes so tiny (only 25" waist!) that it didn't fit on my good dummy, in fact it still barely fits this one! I used this dummy for an art project that involved newspaper dresses so that's strips of newspaper that i couldn't get off it that's showing at the top.
The Bodice just needs the eyelets up the front for the lacing up the front, and then i am going to remake the stomacher so its a bit longer because currently if it really doesn't lace up that much the stomacher bit will be pretty low.
I am pretty happy with the shape of the skirt from the back. I found the front a bit difficult because on the tangled dress the back is quite flared and full but its quite straight and doesnt fold much, but i think i have got it just about right. It would look good if it was worn with petticoats underneath i reckon.
Instead of the stripes of pink that are on the original costume ( i did think about stitching down stripes of ribbon but it didnt really work) i sewed stripes of decoative stitching which i think works quite well, if it is a bit more subtle than the one in the film.
A closeup of the braid that i have used on the skirt. This goes all the way down the skirt and then all the way around the hem of the skirt. I think the braid works really niccely :) The front panel is made from a patterned cotton. I wanted the front to be a more similar colour to the rest of the skirt like it is in 'Tangled' but there wasnt any available that matched it well enough. Instead i went for this fabric which contasts with it and has a nice flowery pattern which i think works on Rapunzels Dress. Not much else to do, just the underskirt mainly and then a few finishing touches here and there. Yay :) Rachael xxx P.S, as a fan of Disney, if anyone else would like a disney characters dress made for them i would be happy to. Especially Merida from the new Brave film, i fancy making one of them :)

Monday, 3 September 2012

'Tangled' Toile

So i have started on the commission to make a 'Tangled' inspired dress, making the pattern and the toile.
Now the skirt on the real thing will be more flared and have more volume but this shows the basic idea. I am going to buy the fabric today i think and will get started on it mid week. I will keep updated on progress :) I also kind of fancy making a medievally kind of dress for myself, but not sure if that will be a go-er, probably dont have time :( boo I go back to uni in a week and a bit. Even just typing it i reailse how unrealistic it is to think i will get 2 costumes finished in the next week and a half... ah well, i can but dream :) Rachael xxx
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