Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ikea Dress

Okay, so yes in my last post i said that my project for the summer was to make dresses for my friends and not me, but they arent getting back from university for another couple of weeks so i cant do much more on theirs untill i measure them uup again in their stays and fit the toiles to them etc.
So when i was moving out of my university accomadation i came across two spare pillowcases that i got in a bedding pack from ikea. It came with four pillowcases but i have only ever used two of them at once. I liked the fabric so much that i thought i might aswell try and sqeese a dress out of them. Along with an old underskirt and sash this is what i have managed to pull together so far.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Start of Summer...

So I finally finished my first year at Edinburgh College of Art, a couple of weeks ago and have started work on my first project for the summer. I am also redecorating my bedroom at the minute as well though so i dont know how quickly these costumes will get finished. Anyway, Last summer i mainly just made cotumes that would fit me, so i wanted to try making some for other people of different size, and My three friends, Esther, Laura and Ellie kindly volunteered.
I have begun to create the under garments for theses costumes, starting with the stays. I dont think i will make proper shifts to be worn underneath the stays, but i am not sure yet. So heres a quick preview of the three finished stays together;

For more photos of each individual pair of stays, pop over to my flickr account; http://www.flickr.com/photos/rachaelscostumes/

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