Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wuthering Heights

So this summer i am working on a play of Wuthering Heights, designing and making the costumes. So far all my designs are done and I have made nearly three of the costumes. However, as much as i really want to post about it and show you everything, the director doesnt want any visuals of the play untill after the play has been finished and performed. Which isnt until November :( So unfortunatley, as with work and this play i don't have any time for my own stuff so that means i wont be posting much if at all over this summer, which is a bummer seen as the summer is usually when i have the time to post about stuff. Never mind though, there will be an overloading of posts at the beggining of November!! Its really fun though, sort of dark 18th century stuff. I look forward to showing you haha xxx
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