Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sleepy Hollow - Riding dress research

The Riding dress is made up of a dress and a jacket.

The jacket has a polonaise style skirt that looks like its made from grey silk and lined in a dark red/burgandy patterned fabric.

The jacket has a zone front that looks like its supposed to be fastened by those large buttons but as there are no obvious buttonholes i would guess its actually fastened with hook and eyes along the front and the buttons are just for decoration.
The buttons look like they are maybe mother of pearl?

The top part of the collar is made from burgandy velvet whereas the bottom part is made from the same grey silk as the rest of the dress.

The bottom part of the collar, front opening of the jacket and cuffs are all edged with a burgandy lace.

The cuffs are buttoned up with buttons that look similar to the bigger front buttons but they are alot smaller.

After looking closer at the front of the jacket you can see that the pieces have been cut out of the fabric unusually so that the grain line is going in different directions, shown by the white arrows on the photo, which i think looks interesting so i will try and do the same.

The skirt is pleated into the bottom of the bodice, with an en fourreau back pleat joining the skirt an the bak of the bodice.

The dress worn underneath is made up of a skirt and a bodice, both made from the same irridescent blue fabric with a leaf/vine pattern printed all over it. The bodice looks like it has a front hook and eye fastening, with lace decoration around the neckline and decorative buttons up the front. I have counted 11 small buttons up the front.

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