Sunday, 8 August 2010

Back from Holidays

So i am back from a suprisingly rainy Italy, although it was torrential rain which was pretty exciting. Also, it means i know longer have to think about how the sleepy hollow photographs will work if i have a tan, because i dont really have one. Alls well that ends well :)

Anyway, heres a sneak peak at something i have been working on since i got back;

A bt more pink and flowery than anything i have done before, but like how its turned out. I cant decide if i prefer the dress with the necklace or just the ribbon around the neck. Opinions at all?

Ooh also, while i was in italy i went into a vintage shop and found this straw hat which i think will look great with 18th century garb. You cant see it fully in the picture but you will be able to see it properly in my next lot of photos.

Photographs of this dress and the sleepyhollow riding dress will be taking place this saturday, so i will update with them after that.

Untill then, farewell

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