Tuesday, 19 July 2011

First Fitting of the dresses :)

So i had my first fitting of Ellie, Esther and Lauras 18th century outfits. Unfortunatley i havent started ellies dress yet so there wasnt so much to try on for her, but it was great to see them all in the finished stays and take some photographs...

Ellie in her blue toile de jour stays.

Laura in her front opening pick stays..

Esther in her yellow silk stays...

Pinning lauras dress onto her for the first time. It Fitted really well :)

Esther, holding her dress on. I havent done the hooks and eyes down the front opening but it does fit at the front pretty perfectly.

Cant wait to see them on when they are all finished :)
And then finally, even though the dresses arent finished we played around doing a couple more photographs, heres a small preview, but please head over to my flickr account to see them all :)


  1. There's just WAY too much PRETTY going on here!

  2. Just out of curiosity, what sewing machine do you have? I've been wanting to take up historic costuming but my sewing machine struggles with thin quilts...

  3. I have a janome j1012, because it was the cheapest one in the store basically. It probalby isnt the best machine for sewing through as many layers as i do, but its stuck by me for a fair few years.


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