Sunday, 22 April 2012

Green Hooded Caraco

I made this green hooded caraco over the summer but didnt quite finish it off or take photos of it, so this weekend i took my dog to the wood and had a photo session,
here he is peeking out from behind my skirts haha Unfortunately i didn't notice until after we had packed up and gone home that in all of the photographs the back of my skirt is all crumpled, darn! But yeah, i really like the shape of the skirt and the hood, except i think i maybe made it a slighty wrong size as it fit on my head a bit funny. I actually needed the hood in the end as it started raining while we were taking photographs. In case you hadn't noticed, i dyed my hair red this year haha, i don't think i have actually taken any costume photos since my hair was red, as last summer i think i just made the three dresses for my friends.


  1. This is lovely! I am a fan of hooded Caraco.

  2. OMG!!I'm in love! Your clothing and pictures are amazing!
    I'm following you right now!
    Love your blog!
    Hugs and kisses

  3. Beautiful! Being a red head I adore green!

  4. Amazing dress ! You make me want start sewing again <3

  5. Absolutely beautiful and well photographed!

  6. I LOVE these photographs. The colors are really gorgeous. So is your dog :) And the outfit.. okay, everything :)

    I'm thinking that I should make a hooded caraco sometime... I've been seeing lots of information on these lately and I feel like it would be very convenient for reenactments... because I've been to some with weather that would have made one of these very welcome!

  7. Thanks everyone :)
    yes the hood did come in very handy that day :) it started raining just a few minutes after i had got dressed. Still managed to get a few good shots though :)


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