Monday, 9 July 2012

Shop Open!!

So FINALLY i have opened my etsy shop, there's currently only 5 items up on there but there are a few more in the works that should be completed relatively soon. Here is the link to my Etsy Shop So my first items for sale are;
Cream damask 18th century stays, with decoative false button front and gatthered chiffon stomacher, here
Floral Tapestry 18th centuy stays with front and back lacing here
With entirely hand stitched binding...
Blue Silk 18th century stays with diamond front opening and chiffon stomacher, here
Dusty Pink Tudor/renaissance Bodice, here
And Finally a purple cotton velvet Caraco/jacket. Similar to the green hooded Caraco but with a lace up front and no stomacher. Here So i am quite excited to be finally selling some of my stuff (well hopefully anyway :-/) and looking forward to making some more garments to put on there Rachael xxx

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