Thursday, 14 February 2013

Elizabethan Dress Completed

My final fitting and crit for the Poppea Elizabethan dress was on Monday and i finally had chance to sort through the photographs and pick out the best ones.
Here they are;

Unfortunatley the corridoor was pretty small so it wasnt really easy to get full length photographs, but they will definatley be taken during the fashion show in may once i have the shoes as well...


  1. Beautiful! I am in love with those sleeves.

  2. WOW a pretty unusual color but it makes such an impact!

  3. Part of the brief for the project was that it had to be red, we each got given a different era and had to make a dress with sheer outer layers showing the underwear out of a specific shade of red. During the fashion show i will try and take a photograph of all of them together so that you can see the full effect :)


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