Thursday, 23 January 2014

Finshed Tally Youngblood Costume

For my 4th year design project I have been making costumes based on the Novel 'Uglies' by Scott Westerfeld. I had my final Crit for my first costume, based on the main character Tally Youngblood, at college today so while I had my model in the costume I decided to take a few photos of the finished costume.
She wears an underskirt, a dress, a knitted jumper with detachable scarf/hood and then a long ginger wig that I styled.

 The jumper has an open back, showing the buttoned up dress underneath.
 I want this hair to be my own, maybe once the show is finished I can just wear this wig for fun...
 with the hood up
 I embroidered along the bottom of the skirt and onto dissolvable embroidery paper so that when I wet it, it created that raggedy edge. I then dyed and distressed the rest of the skirt.
You can see the dyeing and distressing better in this photo I think

Now onto Sleeping Beauty!!

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  1. wow that is so pretty. Its like taking a trip back into time. very inspiring


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