Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Prince: completed costume

I have just about completley finished the costume for The Prince from my sleeping beauty project.

 Underneath the blue suede jacket is a top made from fake tooled leather with front hook and eye fastening and also a back lacing to make it fitted.

 I have been working on distressing the jacket, as the character has been travelling and battling. I used my dirty down sprays that I have posted about before, aswell as a cheese grater and a mud crayon, to give the dirtied appearance.
 I have done a lot of decorative stitching on the seams to give it the look of handmade and repaired by the Prince. In some sections Ii unpicked the seam and brought some of the fur through the seam to look like its almost burst open a bit.

I wanted to distress the armour aswell so I began by adding a chemical to it that would make it go rusty.

 This step terrified me as it went bright orange and looked really awful. I then covered the rest in black shoe polish and used a blow torch to burn the shoe polish onto the metal. This has give the metal a darker more weathered look, and some of the rust does show through but more subtley than to begin with,

 I made a pair of hand quilted leather gauntlets which the metal shielding will be riveted onto. Wearing these around the studio makes me feel like a superhero...
And finally, I made a pair of structured leg guards. I have taken a lot of photos of these as I made them so I think I will do a seperate post about that to show the process.

I will post about them tomorrow probably



  1. Oh wow! such interesting and beautiful pieces.
    Loved the part about how you're distressing. So interesting!


  2. I am just thrilled at the attention to detail here! And I'd love to know more about what you used for the armor plates, as I'm about to do something similar, but in the 100 AD Roman Britain era (and on the cheap, which makes for a deeper challenge, if you catch my drift!) Thanks for this post!


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