Wednesday, 30 May 2012

project Update

Heey everyone, just a quick update on my current projects. So the tudorish dress is pretty much assembled just need to finish the sleeves and add eyelets and then it will be ready to be worn :) I am also very much working on creating a few 18th century stays to put on sale hopefully sometime in June/July. I have cut out the fabric for about 5 pairs so far and i am hoping to make approximately ten to be put initially on sale. I am making a range of sizes between a size 10-14/16 (UK sizes, thats american sizes 8-12/14) They wont be made fitted to an exact person, but i find that these average sizes work well as a basis, just lace tighter or looser ;-) Anyhoo thats my quick update just to show i am working on stuff, its just my summer holidays have just started and are mainly being taken up by lounging around doing nothing and getting used to relaxing again haha wont last long though. I am excited to stat this new endeavor and i hope its not a complete failure, there must be people out there looking for handmade 18th century stays right? ;) Rachael xxx

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