Monday, 18 June 2012

The Magic Of Colour B4

So a non-costume related post here, just wanted to tell everyone how impressed i was by Colou B4 hair colour correction, and highly reccomend it. As you may know i have had pretty bight red hair for over a year now and i recently decided i wanted to try going back to blonde. So i saw this advertised on TV and thought i would gie it a try so i bought it from my local Superdrug for around £10, but i think you can get it in boots and most other pharmacy shops. So me and my mum finall got round to applying it this morning, following the instructions exactly (i had read online that it only worked if you really followed the instructions) My mum applied it to my hair relativley easily, although i will point out it REALLY smells, we wrapped my hai in clingfilm as it says to in the instructions and then covered it with a towel. It said that for extra stong results to leave it in for 60 minutes so thats what i did, then proceeded to rinse it out, using the buffering gel stuff after ten minutes. Already while rinsing i could see a result... So i started off like this... As you can see it was A pretty dark red After the application of colour before it became this, a very obvious change from before. However, the colour was still slightly gingery and had a copper tone to it so i decided to add a colour over it to try and bring it closer to my natural colou. I use Loreal Casting creme gloss Sweet Honey, as that looked the same as how my hair used to be. After my hair had been dyed with the sweet honey it was a more natural blonde colour, not quite the colour it was naturally but getting there. I am going to leave it like this for a while and then maybe experiment a bit more once my hair has had a rest haha. Hope this is useful to anyone thinking of changing their hair colour or using Colour B4. Rachael xxx EDIT: Also, Tudor bodice is finished, i think i will be doing the photographs on wednesday hopefully so they should be up by thursday :)

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  1. Gorgeous hair! The color looks really nice with our eyes. Green eyes - I'm jealous!


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