Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tudor(ish) Bodice

Today i finally took the photographs of the tudor bodice that I have been working on. They arent exactly how i wanted them (I have such a problem giving other people control of my camera :-/) but i think they turned out okay :) I absolutley love this bodice, the fabric is beautiful, although i am not sure how wel you can see that in these photographs. I really like how the sleeves turned out aswell :) So heres a taster of the pictures, i will be uploading the rest of them onto my flickr so head on over and check them out here

So this bodice will be up for sale along with the five 18th century stays i have been working on and are close to completion, and two hooded caracos ( the green one from earlier this summer and a new purple velvet one that i am making)
Hope you like it :)


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