Sunday, 27 January 2013

Poppea Costume

Sorry i havent really been keeping this up to date recently, college has been very busy this year and there are quite a few deadlines coming up. I am currently working on a costume that will be completed and displayed in the final fashion show at the end of the year. Its quite an interesting project as we were all given the same character from the Opera The Corranation of Poppea, but given different eras to design it it. We then had to design a costume all in red that had a sheer outer layer so that all the underwear (corsets, drawers etc) are visible. I was given the earliest time which was the 1600's, so its late Elizabethan. Here is a picture of the toile of the costume;
There will also be a standing collar, but i havent quite worked out how to make it work... I have begun the real thing, with the jacket being made of a red lace fabric, with braid latticework sleeves and chiffon skirt.
The underwear is all made from linen and cotton fabrics. This is a close up photograph of the jacket by itself on my mannequin;
There is a fitting of the costume tomorrow with my model so hopefully i will get some good photographs of the progress.

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  1. :I love those sleeves! Did you drape them around am arm form or your models arm? I am also in love with that shade of red.

    I'll be watching for updates.


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