Sunday, 3 March 2013

Making an 18th century 'cat' wig...

So for our next project, 'School for Scandal', we have to make one of the costumes and we only have 4 weeks to do it! That includes the toile and the real thing. In my design interpretation of the play i made all the characters have animal characteristics; the character that I have chosen to make is Lady Teazle who i have made into a cat. The wig on this character is the main feature, which i decided to make first to get it done and not have to worry about it anymore.
I started with the longest curliest wig that i could find in an auburn colour and bought two of them so that i could then use the second one to add length.

I made to frames out of thick milenary wire in the shape of cat ears, then covered it in a thin layer of wadding.
I put both of the structures on the top of the wig and sewed them down in the position that they looked best.
Bringing strands of hair from all around the structure i wrapped it round the ears and then arranged it on the top in a hopefully aesthetic way.

At the back I  curled the different sections in circular sections and pinned them in place and then hand sewed all around the ears and curls so that they were all securely fastened onto the frame.
For the braid i cut apart the second wig so that i had three strands of extra length and then glued and hand sewed them to three strands of the original wig. Once they were all attached together I braided it all together into one long braid. Unfortunately the part where the second wig was attached is thicker that the rest which i am not entirely happy with, but i don't think there's anything i can do about it. Hopefully it doesn't look too bad?
Theres still some finishing touches to make, bows and ribbons to add and some smoothing down to do. The Wig is slightly frizzy in places with the hairs sticking up a bit, does anyone have any tips how to  keep wigs in good condition and smooth down static and stray hairs? I have tried hairspray but it doesnt seem to work on the synthetic wig. Any tips would be great :)

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