Sunday, 31 March 2013

Marie Anntoinete progress

So my deadline for the 18th century cat costume isn't until Tuesday  and i finished my costume on Wednesday. So I have had a bit of free time the last few days and yesterday I decided to start some work on the Marie Antoinette dress. I have cut out the fabric for the sleeves but haven't put them together yet and I have bought some chiffon type fabric that i am considering doing the ruffles in, but i am not 100% sure i like this chiffon. Its quite blue... not quite the right shade. I will do a few samples and see how i feel.
 I have lost a bit of weight recently and as a result i am smaller than my mannequin now so the costume doesnt fit properly. From the looks of this, its not my waist that the weights come off unfortunately...
 The back pleats and skirt, the skirt is currently waay to long
Close up on the en fourreau pleats and skirt pleats. Those loose threads need cutting...

I hope to make the sleeves this afternoon and play around with the chiffon so who knows, i may have another update for you soon :)


  1. I find the colour of the material miraculous, and, nevertheless, till present the dress is worthy of notice really! I am stretched on the completion, certainly it will stand miraculous to you!


  2. I'm loving it! Beautiful color. I look forward to seeing more progress shots and the finished piece :-)

  3. Wow, spectacular work. I'd suggest doing a test of a light bleach on the chiffon, to see if you can dull down the color a bit, rather than buying a whole new batch of stuff,
    Auntie Nan

  4. So beautiful!

    I love your blog. :D I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. :)


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