Sunday, 28 April 2013

Coronation of Poppea Costume Photos

As promised, here are the photos that I took between shows of all the red costumes, I also have the school for scandal ones but they will come later.
For this project we each were given an era between 1600 and 1950 and we had to design for the same character, Poppea, within that era. We also had to use red as our only colour, and use sheer fabrics that shows the different layers and constructions underneath.

I am not sure why, but all the photographs look like the contrast has been upped when i uploaded them, they arent normally so dark. But oh well, here they are....

Era - 1600    Designed by Rachael Fraser (me)

Era - 1660      Designed by Sophie Barlow

Era - 1700   Designed by Kate Hamilton

Era - 1740      Designed by Amelia Desjardin

Era - 1780      Designed by Emily Beaney

1830 - Designed by Katherine Murphey

Era - 1890    Designed by Zsofia Szendrei

Era - 1910    Designed by Ruth Kubyk

Era - 1930   Designed by Denise Anderson

Era - 1950     Designed by Jude Tsang

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