Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Finshed Cat, and choreography

So we had our final fitting and first choreography session yesterday, so i took some photos to show you all :)

These are just a few photographs of my finished costume  unfortunately I didn't manage to get any full length shots of the model, but these show the majority of the costume :)

The finished shoes, i dyed them and put the bows on myself :)
And now just a few photographs from the choreography session showing a few of my classmates costumes, they were all so good :)
This jacket is a toile de jouy that my friend drew herself, and it depicts scenes from within the play we were designing for.


  1. So fabulous! The costumes came together so beautifully. I am in mad love with the yarn-loop cravat, BTW.

  2. You inspire me, and I've given you an award.

  3. Just as an FYI, I think your hotmail got hacked!

    1. Oh dear, i think you might be right...


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