Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Costume : Dr Gable

I didn't really post about this costume at the time, because I got really frustrated with it and the main part of the costume (the silver leather bodice) turned out just horrible! However, there were elements of it that I was happy with, the green leather jacket that was worn on top for example came out much better than expected. Anyway, I took a couple of photos during the fashion show when she was in full makeup so I might aswell put them here seen as I havent posted anything else much recently. Dr Gable is a character from my first project 'Uglies' which is a science fiction novel set 300 years in the future. I have made another costume from this project, Tally's costume, which was a knitted jumper and dress. The two characters show the opposing sides in the story; one naturalistic and free,  the other heavily altered, structured and unnatural.

Shes the Evil character of the story, in case its not obvious...
 The offending silver bodice :( I made the toile and it fit perfectly on the model but for some reason when I made it out of the silver leather it just wouldn't go into shape the same way, it buckles and gathered and also seemed to have masses of excess fabric around the chest and neckline, no matter how much i took out of those seams it seemed to always gape.
 Lesson learned, never try to make complex shapes with leather...
She is wearing the Bodice on top of a corset with extremely padded hips to try and create quite an extreme shape, I also don't think this worked that well. Basically the whole costume doesn't have the same structured/armoured look that I was going for. Ah well, you win some you lose some eyy

Anyhoo there it is, my fourth and final costume of my final year at Edinburgh College of Art, the costume I kind of wish I hadn't bothered making...
In other news, I have begun work on a new commission. Another Disney Dress! This time based on the dress worn by Anna to the Coronation in Frozen. Its exciting, I will do a separate post on that though when I start working on it properly :)

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  1. Oh my God I looove The Uglies! So bad there's no movie based on the book! But if they ever filmed it, you should totally be the costume designer! ;)


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