Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Its been A while...

Sorry its been so Long since I last posted, I have had a pretty busy summer and I have been working on a new website, which I will post a link to here as soon as it is completely finished.
So far this summer, since graduating in June, I have worked on a production at the Edinburgh Lyceum Theatre as joint Costume Designer for their Summer on Stage production of 'Oh What a Lovely War', as well as working on a few commissions on the side (a new disney dress and some dapper 1940s suits) . I will post about all of them individually at some point. But firstly, I want to show you some photographs that were taken this weekend by a photographer friend of mine. They are old costumes that you will probably have seen before, but I decided I wanted to have some better quality images of them. It was a lot of fun anyway, gallivanting around the moors near my house, I am very lucky to have such beautiful scenery around where I live!

So these are the 18th century stays, modelled by my beautiful cousin Charlotte...

And then the Sleepy Hollow dress. Despite having made this so many years ago now, it still remains one my favourite costumes that I have made, and it fit beautifully in with the heather and vast landscape...

So I hope you will hear more from me soon, I plan to start updating this a bit more frequently. 

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