Saturday, 15 May 2010


So i tried the dress on for the first time since i sewed the skirt on. Plus i hitched it up. So heres a couple of photos that my mum took on the first proper fitting. The sleeves arent done, obviously, and the skirts need hemmed, and the back of the skirt isnt exactly the same as the film one was my first try at an en fourreau back!. Plus the Stomacher is too flimsy so it creases alot, so i think i will put some boning or interfacing or something in it to keep it straight.
Other than that though, i am rather ridiculously pleased with how its looking :)


  1. It looks great so far! If you want to stiffen the stomacher, you could use buckram or duck cloth or something stiff like that. But it really looks good - not many people bother with the enforreau back or making the gown properly, so I love that you did it that way. The zone front looks really great too, as does the neckline. Good work!


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