Friday, 7 May 2010

So i finished my history coursework yesterday afternoon and i decided i would have an evening of sewing as a reward :) So i managed to get a fair bit done on my stays, sewed all the boning and then started putting it together. i am pretty happy with the way its looking at the minute. i was a bit worried the fabric would be too thick but i think it actually works well for it. The last time i made some stays i made them my dress size and they were slightly too loose, even when laced so that the back was fully together, so this time i made the size smaller because then i can tighten it with the lacings at the back and it will mean i can have it tighter or looser as i please.

The bottom flap things arent properly shaped yet and they havent been binded or anything. Not too far off finishing i dont think :)

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