Saturday, 1 May 2010


So i have been looking for 18th century style shoes to wear with my costumes forEVER, but i think i have finally found something that could work :)
I found these on ebay;

for only £15, which isnt so bad. Now, okay the ribbon on the front looks a bit tacky and not right etc, and they are just wedding shoes so they arent historically correct or anything. But i think if i took the ribbon off, added a buckle or something and maybe dyed it...well I might be onto something...


  1. Actually, I think those shoes are quite nice! Ribbons aren't inaccurate at all either.

    Note the first shoe here (though granted they're not tied the same way)

    The way the tongue is is great too. I think this a great find and I'd snap them up! :-)

  2. Yeah i really like the shape of the tongue and the heel, so i have snapped them up and they are on their way to me :)
    It wasnt so much that ribbons on shoes is inacurate i just wasnt sure about the bright white modern one thats on it currently. But if i find a nice ribbon then i might still have a ribbon on the front of it.

  3. hi!!! Do you still have the link to the e-bay seller, by chance?
    These shoes look wonderful and the price is very interesting!
    Thank you!


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