Tuesday, 11 May 2010


So i have finally got round to making some progress on the stripey sleepy holloy dress, I started sewing the underskirt last night. So i have never actually worn a bumroll before underneath my dresses so i am vaguely excited about that, as it will give it a better shape (although i am a tad worried the one i have is too big, but we will see) but it also made it slightly more difficult to pleat the skirt. So i started by just pleating the skirt straight into the waistband as i would if i were doing a flat skirt, but of corse because of the added shape of the bum roll, it just didnt work. So i decided to actually pleat and shape the skirt straight onto the model and hopefully that will help me get the right shape. Anyway, here are some photographs of the progress i have made so far. I think it looks okay with the bumroll?

p.s sorry about the darkness of the photographs, it was night time at this point and the light in my living room isnt that good for photographs.


  1. Thanks :)I'm just drafting up the pattern for the bodice now so hopefully i will get that done in the next week or so.


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