Friday, 14 May 2010

Stripey Dress

So i have been working a bit more on the stripey dress, and for one afternoons sewing i am quite surprised about how much i have got done. It's coming together quicker than i thought it would. Although i think one thing that will take a long time will be all the trimming and stuff, but i am not up to that yet.
Anyway, yes i drafted the pattern for the bodice and it fit perfectly so i started with the real fabric.

So once i had amde the pattern and cut out the fabric for the bodice i sewed it all together, and then i attempted my first 'En fourreau' back, and i reallly like how it turned out. It might not be exactly the right way to do it, but it worked for the dress so i'm happy. Also, the stripes made it quite easy to pleat the back and get it the right size, which was helpful :)

I have also now added the skirt to the bodice aswell, which is kind of in the wrong order as i havent sewn the lining of the bodice yet, and yes i am getting a bit carried away because i am excited about finally starting it, but it will be fine.
So heres some photos of how it looks so far. Obviously the skirt isnt hitched up yet or anything.

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