Sunday, 25 April 2010

Chemise dresses

This morning i was sorting through my fabric that i have stored in my garage, most of it is just scraps of leftover fabric from previous costmes, but i came across about five metres of self stripe really light white cotton fabric which should be just enough to make a costume from. I cant remember buying it or why i originally got it, although i must have only got it this year, but i have now decided that in the summer i would really like to make a chemise de la reine.

Introduced by Marie Antoinette, they are generally white, simple dresses and i think they are really pretty. I would like to make some for me and my friend esther possibly. I want to make mine with a more fitted bodice, 3/4 length sleeves and gathered neck trim (like the one shown in the screenshot from the duchess) out ofthe white striped fabric that i already have. Then i want to make one with the gathering on the front of the bodice out of some maybe muslin/cotton lawn fabric.

I cant wait for summer! so many ideas that i want to do!

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