Sunday, 25 April 2010

Summer Project Ideas

So i have had a few ideas of things that i want to do once my exams are over (in just over 7 weeks) and so far these are the main things i definatley want to do before i go off to art college (to do performance costume!! eeek! excited).

Georgian dresses;
1. Sleepy Hollow riding dress
2.Sleepy hollow stripey dress
3.Blue saque back dress (Robe a la francais)
5. Chemise de la reine
6.Military influenced riding jacket
7. White jaquard travelling dress
8. Caraco jacket
9. blue stripey zone front

Tudor dresses;
1. Blue velvet with cream underskirt
2. Gold with embroidered flowers

1. Alice in wonderland
2. New pirate costume
3. Frock coat for mum
4. Waistcoat for my brother.
5. I would like to try and make some form of dress that would have been worn in Charles II reign, because i really love that off the shoulder neckline, i think its reallypretty :)

Hmm...i have a few more ideas but those are my favourites so far. i hope i can get them all done.....

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