Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Fabric has arrived!

I now have almost all the fabric and stuff that i need to make the grey riding jacket, now all i need to find is some blue fabric that looks vaguely like the blue fabric to make the stomacher and underskirt out of. I think its going to be impossible to find anything too close to the original fabric or pattern, but i will try and find as close as possible.
Anyway, here are some photographs of the grey silk, wine velvet, wine lace and buttons that will be used on the jacket;

They all go together quite well i think?

The grey fabric has a slightly more slubby texture than i realised from the photograph on ebay, and its a bit too light, but its still really nice fabric and to be honest i quite like slubby textures so even if its not exactly the same i think it will still work out jsut fine ;)

The buttons are slightly thicker and heavier than i was expecting but i think they will work okay anyway. Maggie from the Costumers Guide (link at the side) thought that maybe the buttons were abolone buttons rather than mother of pearl, which might be right, especially seen as abolone is lighter and so wouldnt be as heavy. These will do though :) aesthetically they still work :)

So the lace is exactly the same colour as the velvet (yey) so that will all work out fine and it looks like if i use the thinner side of the lace (as shown in picture) it will work to edge the jacket with this lace :)

All in all a successful result :)

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