Saturday, 24 April 2010

Stripey fabric

So after much searching i have found some stripey fabric that i can use for the stripey dress.

The black stripe is slightly lighter than i wanted, but it was the nicest black and white striped fabric i could find. The only other fabric i found was made from a cheapy stin polyester and would have looked terrible, so i plumped for this one. The stripes are each an inch wide, which i think it about right, and it is a cotton fabric but it still has a slight lustre. It has a subtle floral pattern woven into the fabric, almost like jacquard, that doesnt really show that much. I know the original costume didnt have this, but i think its alright to use, and it will creaet an interesting texture to the finished dress. It also doesnt really show up that much. so its fine.
Here is the fabric that i have gathered fro the riding jacket and stripey dress all together in the box;


  1. Hello!
    Would you please be really really kind to me, and tell me where you bought your stripey fabric? I'm doing costume production at uni and I'd love to make the sleepy hollow dress as one of my projects. Yours looks amazing, and I love that the fabric is quite understated and not too boldly black and white. If you could help that would be awesome.. thanks! :)

    1. sorry that i didnt see this comment at the time it was posted, but i bought the fabric off ebay. The fabric selection is pretty amazing on ebay and there are some real bargains.


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