Monday, 19 April 2010

Riding dress fabrics

I have been working for a few hours on my schoolwork so i decided to have a break and look for fabric and stuff on ebay for the sleepy hollow riding dress, and happened to be very lucky!

The first thing i decided to look for were the big mother of pearl buttons on the riding dress, as they are quite unusual and from other peoples costume sites i have been looking at they have said they are the hardest thing to find.

Fortunatley, the first item that appeared were these large circular mother of pearl buttons that look absolutley perfect!!

Along the edge of the front of the bodice and the cuffs on the sleeves is some dark red lace. I found this lace, which at first i thought wouldnt work at all beacause of the glittery waves. However, i thought if i used the lace so that only the side with smaller loops, and no glittery threads in, was showing then it might work. It was a bargain, so if it arrives and isnt what i was wanting at all then i can always find some other use for it

This lace is a wine red colour wheras the red on the original costume is more of a burgandy but hopefully it will still look okay, and as long as it matches the colour of the velvet part of the collar i dont think it matters that its a slightly different red from the original.

The velvet has to be the same colour as the lace, so i found some wine red velvet instead of burgandy. Its a fairly thin cotton velvet which i think will work perfectly as it wont be too thick and bulky and I actually likethe wine red colour.

The main fabric looks to be a silver/grey silk,
I found this which looks approximatley the right colourand as well as being about the right colour as the dress, it will also go well with the buttons.

I have been pretty lucky in finding fabric really, as it was alot easier than i was expecting and everything has been relativley cheap, especially the grey fabric as it is real tai silk that i got for less than 5 pounds a metre which i thought was pretty good considering.

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