Sunday, 18 April 2010

Neckline lace

So i was looking at the screenshots of the riding costume on 'The costumers Guide to Movie costume website to see if i could find a good picture of the lace around the nenckline. Then i noticed that there are two layers of lace, there is one that is actually sewn on top of the bodice and another that looks like it is worn underneath.
Then, after browsing through the images of the other costumes worn by her in the film i noticed that underneath the pink embroidered dress she is wearing a 3/4 length sleeves see through lace 'chemise' underneath it

I think this looks like it could be worn underneath the riding dress aswell, as the lace pattern looks similar. Soooo, when making the dress i iwll hopefully try and make a similar see through chemise to wear underneath, if its possible.

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